Rustic Senior Photo Sessions

In Central NY, we have something very special to us. Every year we have a few weeks where the leaves change to these beautiful yellow, red, orange and browns! Most of us actually look forward to it. I know me and my family does.

As a photographer, and a family man, I'm always looking for the best locations in our area for these colors. I'm visioning if these are photos I would take for my family and would I be happy with them. Are the colors right? Do the photos give you that autumn vibe? Most always the answer is. For these fall sessions we have modified our already classic style to enhance the autumn colors and feels. I call it our "Rustic Vibes". Now, I can use these for weddings, family sessions or anything outside, but so far we have have done this the most for fall seniors.

Are you or someone you know looking to have some photos taken? Click here to send us some info and we can set something up. We would love to photograph your family! Share our Blog!

Here are some common items we see all the time during fall sessions and we want to make it easier to find them online.

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