Jesse and Jasmine... After the Wedding.

On May 26th, 2018, I got to photograph Jesse and Jasmines weddings. It was an amazing day at Dibbles Inn and their wedding photos turned out stunning. Here are some reminders of their wedding day.

I have always loved this couple as right from the start we hit it off as a killer combo. I think our first meeting was a Fajita Grill and I love that place. So, flash forward to about a month ago and I was looking for couples to do some shoots to work with some new gear and editing. I knew exactly who to call! I reached out to Jasmine and I asked if she was interested. I don't think there was any hesitation lol.

We get out to the CCC trails in Auburn, NY and get to shooting. Below is the magic that is our shoot together. They killed it like i knew they would. I can't wait until our next shoot, even though i have no clue how we are going beat this session.

Thank you so much for looking at this gallery. It means a lot to us! If you would like to book your own session with us, just go ahead and check here

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