It's OK to Want to Re-shoot Your Bride and Groom Wedding Photos

During the wedding process, many things can and will happen. We are not here to judge but photography often get overlooked. Mainly, because of ability, price or budget. I get that 100%. Our Job is to talk to you about what we can offer, and how we are going to make your photos look the best that they can. The session that you are about to see really is none of that. This couple just wanted updated bridal photos. It's something we love to do because during the wedding you only get so much time. When we take another day in the future and put that dress and suit back on. we can shoot as long as we need or want and there is no time restrictions! It was an amazing day. We started out their session at Hoopes Park in Auburn, NY. Here they got to get some photos to start out with their kids with them. About 3-5 photos later we went directly into their photos. We walked the whole park to get the best of the best. After some time we decided we were going to try out The CCC trails behind the college in Auburn. This was my favorite time to shoot as it was getting to be sunset/golden he and that's when I do some of my best work. I love this session as they got some beautiful photos and i had a blast doing them! If you and your significant other want some updated photos. Just message us! we would love to be the one to get you some updated photos!

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