Getting Outside for Those Memories

I think its been like 3-4 weeks of this quarantine business and if i'm like everyone else, it's been a long 3-4 weeks. From home schooling the kids, calling for the unemployment busy signal, and just trying to not losing your sanity, we can all use a little bit of a distraction. I would love to say that we can just stay at home the entire time but who am I kidding. The parks and trails are free and if you stay 6 ft away from everyone it isn't that bad. The fresh air will actually do you some good. We go on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays, and just get out and blow the stink off of us. This time while we were out I decided to bring the camera. My kids know my games and I usually don't get many photos of them but this time they let me have some fun. Maybe they were just glad to get out too and deal with my antics. Either way we had a great walk and I captured some memories that I wouldn't have normally taken. I guess the moral of the story is if your safe and distant from others get outside and capture some memories. It will get better as long as we are safe and distant. Thanks for reading my little post.

We know we cant get outside to take photos yet but we would love to get you on our signup list. As soon as we have the green light we would just give you a call and set up a date. No upfront fess or deposit, unless you want to support us during this downtime and that will come off your future session.

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