A Cold Winter Engagement Session at Old Hickory Farm in Weedsport, NY

One of my Favorite times of the year to take photos is 100% the winter time. From the snow covered trees to the closer our clients get to keep warm, it overall creates a photo you really can only get in NY. Sure, you can get it anywhere there is snow, but I love the CNY the most. For this session, I was given a few things they wanted in the background of their photos. Some trees, a barn, maybe some fence. Perfect! I just happen know of a place that has all of that! Throughout the entire session we had a blast. Took some cold breaks, pet their beautiful dog( who just happen to be in a few of the photos) and enjoyed the day. He even accidentally locked the keys in this vehicle! Thank got for ON-star LOL. Thank you so much for looking at my post for the day. Below are some of the amazing photos from their session. If you are engaged and would love your photos taken here give me a call. I would love to how you around and take your photos here too! Venue: Old Hickory Farm in Weedsport, NY

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