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Most of my whole life from retail when I was 18, to my passion of photography, I just love to teach and share all of the knowledge I have gained. 

When I started photography in early 2013, I didn't have a person to talk to. I didn't know anything about lighting or manual mode, whats right or wrong lighting.  What gear to use or what Lightroom was. I watched hundreds of hours of YouTube and spend so much money on training videos. I'm here to pass this info to you. 

I would love to setup a 1 on 1 or a group session where we can go over that your struggling with.  Everyone has something that they can learn or be better at, myself included so why not give it a try.  We have lessons and training for anyone.  From the Hobbyist to pros looking for a fresh perspective.  

If you have ever just wanted to be better at taking photos.  We can help and want to.  Message us.  We can take you to that next level. 

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What can we help with?

Love it or hate it Lightroom is the Meta for editing photo.  Might as well learn and it will speed up your workflow.  


If you got that camera sitting around and you want a good foundation to take better photos.  We can help.  We will tell you about your camera and pointers to taking better photos.  


After you have gotten pretty good with your camera. The only other place to go is up!  Going from Auto camera mode to Manual lets you completely unleash your camera and creativity.  


Off Camera Flash

Off camera flash one of the most intemidating things a photographer can move into.  We have been there but as soon as you start getting comfortable with it.  You will never regret it.  


Associate Photographer

Want to get out in the field and see how we do things.  We can walk you though one of our shoots or session or events.  

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