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Getting out of Auto

The one thing a hobbyist or amateur just doesn't want to hear, is about the dreaded manual mode.  Auto mode will make you get comfortable with the camera but you will soon realize you will want to start taking better photos and auto only gets you so far.  This training class will get you playing with manual mode and get shooting in situations where auto just wont help you at all!


Auto is great when you get that fresh camera out of the box and you struggle with manual.  We will dive into the exposure triangle and get outside at a location and get you practicing with this new settings.  I will be there ever second to teach you all the steps and challenge you to be better.  You can and will be a better photographer, manual mode give you all those tools! 



For our Getting out of Auto Lessons, we are doing $100 for 60 mins. 

Going from Auto to Manual isn't easy and can feel very intimidating.  We are here to get you out of your comfort zone and get you taking control of your camera.  In most cases we can get you in a good place in 1 session but may take more time.  Its always about practice and learning manual at your own pace.