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Getting ready for your photoshoot

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Getting ready for your photoshoot.



             Congratulations, you have booked your session with your favorite photographer! Now, there may be a lot of things going through your mind, but let me help out.   If your a season vet at getting family photos taken, this is nothing new to you.  I'm sure you had this conversation before so now all you have to do is prepare and wait for your appointment.  If you new to getting your photos taken or its "been a while", I'm going to give you some Pointers and Tips, to make sure you look amazing for your shoot.  

  • Be Organized - Make sure you know exactly what you looking to have photographed.  For example, if its a senior session, your senior knows if there are going to be props, special outfits, or another person with them.  if your photographer knows everything, your shoot will go with out delay.
  • What to wear - When your out on a shoot the last thing your want to be worried about is what your clothes look like.  The day before,  lay your clothes out, make sure they are ironed, and you get the accessories organized.  If your going for a theme, does your photographer know? I bet they would love to know that info.  
  • Grooming - Getting these memories taken is an amazing thing.  Here are a few pointers to make sure that the little details don't ruin your shoot. Make sure hair for everyone is done and looking great.  Finger nails and tended to and if you wear nail polish, its done right.  Guys, if you have an amazing beard, make sure its fresh.  
  • Special requests - Everyone has that amazing photo you saw in Pintrest, and you want that photo too.  Remember, your photographer may not have taken that shot and it would take them a minute to re-create it.  most of the time it will be close but it wont be exact.  If you photographer didn't shoot it.  Send them a photo or two ahead of time so they have time to see how it was done before you expect them to perform a miracle.  Side note: most of them posed shots take 5-10 mins to setup.   
  • Makeup - If you are going to wear makeup, make sure you bring a small touch up kit with you.  Just in case.
  • Get Sleep - Get a good night’s sleep. Don’t drink alcohol or take any medication that will inhibit your sleep. And don’t stay up late. You want your face to look as fresh as possible, and your attitude to be bright and positive.  
  • Children - Most of us, as photographers, have photographed many, many kids.  I'll also bet, most of us have them too.  If you kids are getting rowdy, its ok, we understand.  Kids are kids, and they don't want to sit/stand in front of a photographer for a long time.  Let the photographer take control and it will usually work out.  If not, let the photographer do it alone with the kid and parents distance yourself.  Kids usually act better with photographers while the parents are away ( but still in viewing distance).  
  • Location - This is probably the toughest one.  Even before you think about your photo shoot, you need to find a place you like.  Photographers shoot all over the place but you need to see if your going to be looking for studio work or outside.  Each have their own advantages but what is best for you or your family.  Your location should be special to you.  maybe its your favorite place to go.  Worst case, just ask, we want that location to be amazing.  



     Ultimately, you and you alone can control what your photoshoot will look like. Follow these simple tips and you will get an amazing photo shoot!  If you want to book your session with us please message us


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