What does it take to get that magical photo?

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What I do to get that one of a kind photo...


     You see it everywhere you look.  Those amazing photos that you are admiring for your photo shoot.  That have to have photo to put on the wall, but how do I get that photo? Let me tell you how you get it.


  • First things first, you need to figure out what kind of photo shoot you're going to do.   
  • Once that is selected, you need to start your research.  Who is the photographer to do that job?  Can they re-create it? Honestly, every photographer has their own style.   You will need to find a photographer with a similar style to recreate your one of a kind photo. 
  • Get yourself ready for your photo shoot, check out another blog I wrote.  Get your hair done, hire a makeup artist, get groomed, if your a guy.  You want to make sure you look your best.
  • Make sure your photographer has a shoot list of what you are trying to accomplish.  If they know the photos you want, there's a better chance you'll get them.  
  • Trust your photographer.  You have your vision, but if you hired the right person, they will do their absolute best to give you amazing photos.  
  • Wait for teasers or the results.  I know, waiting sucks, but let them do their job.  Editing takes a while and when you ask them in 3 hrs about teasers, it's kind of a distraction.  We need the time to carefully edit your photos because we want you to LOVE them. We've got this.


Writing the steps out is good and all, but let's see what that really looks like.


Original photo

edited photo


Location was: Taughannock falls state park

Hair/Makeup: Beauty by Courtney M

Photography: Powers Images


This is the simplified version, as there is a lot more that goes into it, but you get the point.  If you are looking for the photo that you want to show everyone, do a little bit of research.  You deserve amazing photos. 


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