Setting the Scene "Before & After"

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So, in our last blog post, we discussed a little about how you search for that magical photo.  Now we want to take it just a little bit further.  When you are looking at that amazing photo, you just see the amazing photo.  But what really goes into the creation of that photo? Well, let me take you through how I create a stunning picture.

The first thing we do is make sure everything is set up and ready for our shoot.  Remember the blog post, What it takes to get that magical photo, we have to hit the checklist and make sure its finalized. Next we start our photo shoot. 














After your session is when the real work begins.  We have already selected the perfect location, have chose a stunning wardrobe and have taken lots of shots but now it's time to enhance what we've already done.  First let me show you what the photo looks like out of the camera before I touched it up.  



What I did to make it look awesome! 












And the After



It's not as simple as that, but its a start.  Some photos need more work and some need less. It all comes down to your photographer.  The better they are, the easier it is for them to make your photos magical.  Make sure you ask your photographer in advance what they can do and see if that is the style you want! 


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